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Quick Start Guide

1)Choose an install directory on the server and unzip the file contents there
2)Configure terminal or Proenv window to display at least 132 columns and 48 lines
3)Use Proenv or set your DLC and PATH variables and run (UNIX) or pt3inst.bat (Windows); Fill in required configuration information.

For web portal access: Choose “Create a new custID”; You will receive an e-mail with additional instructions on how to configure data uploads to the ProTop cloud servers.
4)Run bin/ (UNIX) or bin\dbmaint.bat (Windows) to configure your monitored database(s)
5)Launch ProTop: bin/protop <friendly name | full DB path> to use character version of ProTop
Note: Some European keyboard configurations may not be able to enter the “@” symbol. In this case, please use <Alt>-64 to enter it
Click here for the full installation guide.

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